About Me

About Me

I am Dr Devi Chauhan i started my spiritual journey at the age of 16. Started giving free suggestions and helped people as psychic medium with my by birth psychic capabilities and helped many people to find there path in life to solved all life related problems.

Now I am working as Professional Psychologist, International  Tarot card Reader, Psychic Medium, Bach Practitioner, Astrologer, Angel card reader, Past life regression healer, Reiki Grand Master, Numerologist, Graphologist, Hypnotherapist, Vastu/Feng Shui expert, Spiritual healer, Palmist, Lama fera healer, Crystal healer, NLP Coach, CBT Therapist, Runes expert, Ramal shastra and help people by providing different type of remedies like Lal kitab Remedies, Vedic remedies,  Bay leaf 🌿 remedies, Cinnamon remedies, Switch words ,Bach Flower remedies, Tarot remedies, Sigil and many more .

In our organization we provides Consultation, Healings, Remedies & Professional training services under my guidance based in Thailand.

For training and teaching we are running a separate college name VEDIC SHIKSHA PEETH OF OCCULT SCIENCE in which we provide online short, long and Phd courses.       www.vspos.org

Our welfare trust main aim is to impart correct knowledge of Divine. Connect more people with Divine to solve there daily life problems without any support of others, can achieve there life goals much faster & easier .To make there lives much prosperous, blessed and richer.