Tarot Card Healing

Tarot Card Healing

Tarot Card Healing

Tarot is, above all else, a tool for reflection. It will mirror what we bring to it right on back to us. When we intentionally choose to read tarot for our highest and best good, forgoing inquiries into the future and focusing instead on the present moment, a deep wisdom will arrive. With every moment that we choose to be present in our lives, we co-create and intentionally birth the most aligned future possible—not only for ourselves but for the planet

How to use tarot for growth

When we read tarot for our deepest expansion, our deck organically becomes a sacred tool for healing, awakening, and transformation. When we use tarot for the present moment, there are no predictions. There is no scary news, no right or wrong, no good or bad, only medicine. Why? Because everything in this life is an invitation. When we say yes to the invitations that are best for us, we can live in alignment with our intuition, with our truth.

We shed past patterning, old karmic cycles, fears, and traumas. We begin to see the value of intentional growth through anything that might arise in our life. The more we begin to trust the present moment (and it can take some time), the more we can be available for service on the planet, and for the treasures of a soul-filled life.

Not bad for a deck of 78 cards!

A spread for illumination and clarity

Find a comfortable place to sit with your tarot deck. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and drop into your body. Gently invite in anyone or anything that you pray to or that makes you feel like you are in the presence of wisdom and love (i.e., your higher self, nature, Quan Yin, Source, The Goddess, etc.).

State your intention to receive wisdom and clarity on whatever is best for you in this moment, what you most need to know right now. Shuffle your cards in whatever manner you choose, then either spread them out and intuitively choose six (you can use your dominant or nondominant hand for this, whatever feels right to you), or cut your deck into six piles. Dr Devi Chauhan is best Tarot card healer in Bangkok, Thailand