Career Guidance/Growth/Path

Choosing a career could be a tedious job. I have seen many people who circumstantially choose a wrong career and repent for the rest of their lives. I do not want you to be so helpless while choosing your career. I, through specific astrological knowledge, will help you in selecting the right kind of career for you. Selecting the right career depends mainly on two basic factors. One is your Aptitude, Nature, Passion & Interest you have in life. This starts building up in a person as the person grows in life. And second is the indication of the right career in your birth chart. Indication of the right career in your birth chart is not a random or incidental indication. But it is a result of your previous life’s deeds. Therefore, selecting the right career needs a perfect blending of these two factors—your birth chart and your aptitude, passion, and interest in the present life. These two factors clearly become a blueprint of your right career selection & also define your present life’s purpose. Selecting any career without considering both these factors in tandem will likely result in a wrong career selection

How to select the right Career?

Choosing a career merely based on your interest, anxiety, inheritance, parental or social pressures, and popular trends or may be complacency can lead to the wrong selection of career. Spend few minutes with a good astrologer for the selection of a right career as per your birth chart. Career decision actually starts with selecting the right subject at the right age & then pursuing the same stream for final career. A career decision is like a marriage decision that once taken live with you for the whole life, so do not be in hurry. Now, I will explain as to how astrology can help you in the selection of the best career for you?

Can astrology help me choosing the right Career?

A birth chart is a clear manifesto of your life’s purpose and all indications about your life events like education, career, marriage, your children, your investment & your overall life prosperity. There are specific planets and houses in a birth chart indicating the best career for you. Astrology indicates the best career options, according to Zodiac Sign also. You can get an idea of the best career as per your Zodiac sign. I will explain all these factors one by one below.
The subject of selecting a career is among the two most complicated topics in astrology. I cannot explain all these intricacies of career selection in a single write-up, so I will address two steps as to how astrology helps you selecting the right career. There are different tools in astrology help you choosing the right career. Let us understand these factors separately in little more detail.