Are you having complications/delay in Childbirth and do you want to know the best time for Childbirth?

Childbirth is perhaps the most important happening for a married couple after their marriage. It is childbirth, that is at the fore fornt of every couple’s mind when they plan anything about their life to come. Simply because their real happiness lies in becoming a parent and raising their child.

No matter how many materialistic comforts and conveniences the couple may have, but without a child, everything else is absolutely meaningless for them. As soon as a child enters into the life of a couple, their whole life is dedicated in nuturing that ‘bundle of joy’. They take immense joy in watching their ‘little flower’ blossom everyday.
Unfortunately, the blessing of having a child is not something that is bestowed on every couple and while some of them do become a parent but that’s after facing lots of issues and delays. So why does a couple experience problems in having a child? Well, modern medical science does not have the answer to that question as there are multiples cases in the world where both the husband & wife are perfectly healthy to have a child but are unable to do so.

Is there really a solution ?

The ancient science of Vedic Astrology has all the answers when it comes to revealing a native’s course of life and prescribing remedies to counter problems that are faced in the present and those that are slated to rise in the future. Vedic Astrology analyzes the horoscope of a native to find out what the stars have in store for a number of aspects of that native’s life. But in case of problems in childbirth such as delay or problems during the pregnancy period, the horoscopes of both the husband & wife are analyzed.

Child – Birth Astrology

Child Astrology is an aspect of astrology that makes childbirth prediction and is highly beneficial for those couple who face delays or complications when it comes to child birth. A brilliant astrologer by reading the childbirth prediction in kundli of the couple, can see the obstacles & hurdles when it comes to childbirth. Let us look at a few general concepts.

Astrologically, houses that are involved in the birth of a child are:

  • 2nd House: It signifies family.
  • 5th House: It is the prime house of children.
  • 11th House: When along with the 2nd and or 5th houses, the 11th house signifies gain of children.

And, houses that negate the positive effects of the above mentioned childbirth promoting houses are: 1st, 4th and 10th.

Therefore, in the horoscopes of both the husband & wife, multiple planets are analyzed for their results based on a number of factors such as:

  • The houses that they are placed in
  • Their Lordships of houses
  • The aspects that they are casting and the aspects that are being casted upon them
  • Their conjuctions with other planets
  • Nakshatras that the planets are placed into and much more

So is it safe to say that planets giving results of 2nd, 5th & 11th houses promote child birth and planets giving results of 1st, 4th & 10th houses negate child birth? Well yes, BUT it is not so easy as there are a LOT more factors involved as per specific horoscopes from case to case basis, that are to be decoded and analyzed by an experienced astrologer like:

  • How will the pregnancy periods pan out?
  • Is there a risk of miscarriage signified by the planets?
  • Is there a risk of abortion?
  • Will it be a natural birth or a birth from a surgery?
  • Type of sign present in the 5th house

Reasons for delay/complications in childbirth:

There has been a lot of emphasis given to analyze childbirth problems in astrology. Although, in order to determine what is the exact reason behind the childbirth problems in the life of a couple, their individual horoscopes must be analyzed, but still the broader grounds of examining the problems are:

Malefics like Saturn, Rahu and Ketu indicate a turbulent pregnancy period, a risk of abortion/miscarriage when they are operational in the Mahadasha, Dasha or the Antardasha and also especially when they transit or aspect the aspect the 5th house.


Placement, aspect and transit of Mars is carefully analyzed in order to determine whether the child will be born by a natural birth or through a surgery.
Sign in the 5th House:
Out of the 12 signs, an astrologer specially looks at the sign present in the 5th house as it impacts pregnancy & childbirth to a great extent.


If either of the couple’s horoscopes is inflicted by a Dosha (a flaw in the conjuction of planets in the native’s horoscope), multiple events/aspects of life are likely to get badly affected, including childbirth.
Wearing of an unfavourable Gemstone
If by some ill advice, a native wears a gemstone that is not conducive as per his/her horoscope, then it results in turbulence in many aspects of life including childbirth.

Note: It must also be noted that Jupiter is the prime significator planet for childbirth. It is the first planet that is looked for its placement when looking for childbirth.
Interesting to Know:
Some signs in the 5th house are considered as “Fertile Signs”, some as “Infertile Signs” and some as “Indecisive Signs” as far as pregnancy and child birth are concerned.

Fertile Signs:

Infertile Signs:


Indecisive Signs:


Positive traits in a horoscope for pregnancy and ultimately child birth are:

Presence of a fertile sign in the 5th house.

  • Jupiter well placed in the horoscope.
  • Jupiter aspecting the 5th house.
  • Presence of the lord of 5th house in the 1st house or the lord of 1st house present in the 5th house.

But, the negatives or hurdles in the path of achieving a successful pregnancy and child birth are much more and are to be looked at from a numerous angles. As, told above, Jupiter is a very important planet that decides pregnancy & childbirth. But, if Jupiter is placed in any of the 6th, 8th or 12th houses, then it causes serious hurdles in childbirth.

Similarly, the lord of 5th house placed in any of the 6th, 8th or 12th houses, causes problems in childbirth. This coupled with an infertile sign present in the 5th house, makes it very difficult for having a child. Presence of Rahu in the 5th house is considered highly negative for the children part of one’s married part. Infact, Rahu of 5th house if results in a child then that very child at times become the cause of miseries in a native’s life at a later stage.

If such a scenario exits in a horoscope then, either Jupiter should be aspecting the 5th house to pacify Rahu or the spouse’s horoscope must have a positive 5th house or atleast Jupiter aspecting the 5th house in his/her horoscope. To sum it up, if any one of the couple have any negative characteristics present in his/her horoscope, then the other one should have a positive horoscope for child birth, so that both horoscopes must eventually balance out for a positive result.