Fight your depression like a pro.

Fight your depression like a pro.

Whenever, I remember those painful memories, I feel awful and it pains me a lot. I feel highly depressed”

  • “I have a lot to do right from the morning, take care of my six months old son, worry about daily house work, spare time for my preparation of job, I hardly find any time for myself and my daily needs’. Really, I go through lot of depression
  • “I go to school and I worry mostly about my grades. I have no friends and I am sometimes jealous of girls because they are so talkative and pretty and have boyfriend. I feel tensed”.
  • “I am worried about my marriageable daughter. She is not getting any suitable match. She is getting old. I am always anxious”.
  • “I belong to a well to do family but I always feel depressed, I don’t know why”.
  • This is what we hear all around us. It appears everyone is depressed and stressful. Every one is running just like a machine and has no time to think for a moment for self insight.

There are few causes of Depression
The main causes of depression can be categorized as under:

  1. Genetic,
  2. Biological
  3. Environmental

most of people are suffering from the environmental cause the life they lead ,the situation they are suffering from ,the thoughts they are carrying, the past or current life karmas they are carrying with them .most of the time the human brain is killing them internally by hitting them with emotional panic attacks ,these theories only can understand by those who are suffering or suffered from these conditions

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