Love Marriage Problems

Love Marriage Problems

Through love marriage astrology, I evaluate whether you will have a love marriage or arrange marriage. Love marriage astrology is branch of Vedic astrology which I have mastered. First, you should yourself evaluate and calculate love or arrange marriage chances in your life. Here is the free love calculator through which you can find love prediction for yourself. This is also a love or arranged marriage calculator:

Love compatibility by date of birth | love relationship calculator

So, above you ran through the love or arranged marriage calculator. But before you evaluate love marriage in astrology, love compatibility by date of birth or horoscope is also to be calculated.
You can use the love relationship calculator given below. Use the below Love calculator to check the love relationship compatibility between you and the proposed partner. This Love calculator gives you a broader idea about the love relationship compatibility between you and your soul mate. Then take final advice from me, the love problem solution specialist or a love marriage solution astrologer to make your Love marriage a successful love marriage.

Love marriage or arrange marriage astrology | love marriage prediction

Your prediction of love marriage by date of birth has been done by yourself through the above calculators in which some clarity must have been obtained on Love marriage and arrange marriage.
The results of these online love test by date of birth are an initial indication. Therefore, it is always better to consult a good marriage astrologer or you can meet me. As I had already told that I’m a love marriage specialist and I can check all factors of compatibility by date of birth between you and your life partner. For better understanding let’s take an example of Google Map, which gives you a broad idea of locations. In the same way, the calculator also gives you the broad idea regarding your compatibility with date of birth but the final love marriage decision should not depend totally on the results of these calculators of Love marriage or arranged marriage astrology.
Now as a love marriage problem solution astrologer let me do a big revelation for you; despite all odds there are chances that most of the intending lovers can marry. Good news is that, there is Love problem solution astrology. As per Vedic astrology, love problem solution is a perfect tool that can take you out from this situation. I have been practicing it from the year 2000 and have been successful in becoming love problem solution astrologer.

Main reasons stopping love marriages as per love marriage astrology

Your birth chart through the tools of Love marriage or arranged marriage astrology clearly indicates the human reasons and the corresponding planets which can stop your love marriage. These reasons are:
1. Parents not agreeing.
2. Status Problem.
3. Caste Problem.
4. Financial issues.
5. Fear of society.
6. Infidelity.
7. Already married and trying for a new bond.
8. Continued misunderstanding with the love partner.
9. Boredom.
10. Arguments.
If you have taken the help of Love marriage astrology, then all the above dominant factors in your relationship, gets properly evaluated before you take the final plunge. A birth chart or Kundli indicates such reasons which can stop your love marriage: parents not agreeing, the status of your spouse, financial status of your life partner, and infidelity in a person. So, it is better to get the relationship compatibility checked by love problem solution specialist. They can help you by doing some correction before making a final decision on love marriage and arrange marriage.

Love marriage prediction from date of birth | calculate love or arrange marriage

A Love marriage specialist can find out if you will have Love Marriage or Arrange Marriage and this is called love marriage prediction by date of birth. Prediction of love marriage by date of birth, is done through systematic study of horoscope. The planets and their placements play a huge role here. Below are few important combinations that gives love marriage.
1. The Lagna and lagnesh reflect nature and character. Ascendant or Lagnesh’s relation with the fifth and seventh house shows the possibility of love marriage yoga in kundli.
2. The fifth house is virtue – shows the complete virtues of a person who has to marry along with his/her imaginations. It further indicates thoughts, feelings, friendship, love relations, and the progeny the two people will share. Venus, in the fifth house, if not inflicted, shows the pure and virtuous nature of love. In love marriage, the relationship between the fifth and seventh house is mostly seen.
3. The seventh house shows Marriage, Life-partner and natives behaviour towards co-partners sexual lust. Marriage does not conform to elegant and social beliefs under the influence of sinful planets. But if there are good or benefical planets here then it gives a lasting love marriage. The love marriage can be trouble some if the planets are malefic.
4. Venus signifies sexual attraction, sexual pleasure, bedroom, beauty, desire to live, love experience, desire to enjoy cultural pleasure. Under the influence of Shani or Rahu, Venus makes a relationship with opposite sexes. Still, the end is often not happy, or there can be many obstacles in giving the relationship the form of marriage. Or we can say that there will be obstacles in converting the love into a knot. One will have to find a Love marriage solution to come out of this problem.
5. The ninth house shows the relation of the father in addition to the religious verse of the native. Therefore if the ninth house, Jupiter or the ninth lord is malefic then person can also ignore his religious beliefs and duty towards his father/society and often run away from home to establish such love relationships.
6. If Lagna or Lagnesh have a relation with fifth or seventh house or aspect of their Lords, there is a possibility of love marriage in horoscope. In this case, if Moon has a relation or aspect with the ascendant or seventh house, then the possibility will be more.
7. If Rahu or Ketu are in the Lagna and Venus and Moon, the possibility of love marriage in astrology get brighter. Rahu and Ketu are from the Lagna, or from seventh or from Venus in the axis of 1: 7, 2: 8, then marriages often take place away from social beliefs i.e. love to be precise.
8. Interchanges changes of Saptamesh and Panchamesh, or their togetherness, aspect, or any other kind of relationship, indicate love marriage in the horoscope.
9. Rahu If Saturn, Mandi, or Mars have a strong position in the seventh house, then the person you will marry can be from a foreign land. Here it can also mean that they would be is associated with a foreign company, even if working in their own country. This also amounts to love affairs and eventual marriage.
10. If Venus is between two malefic planets then the marriage will happen away from the social rules. This is also a combination of love marriage.
11. If Ashtamesh (8th House lord) is in the seventh house with weak moon, then the persons can marry secretly or they get married beyond everyone’s acceptance. It strengthens the chances of love marriage in a horoscope.
12. Marriage is beyond social beliefs if the Sun is in the seventh house with Rahu.
14. If the Sun is with Venus, marriage time is often not followed by social beliefs.
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Disadvantages of love marriage

There can be disadvantages of love marriage, if the marriage happens without the approval of the social values. Let us understand what could be the disadvantages and drawbacks of love marriage. But before giving it a read, understand that ‘love problem solution Astro’ is always there.

1.Disowned by the families

One of the major issues which is faced by people who have done Love Marriage or inter-caste marriages. The couples who don’t care about society and go ahead to get married are disowned as it is considered as a sin. A relationship advice has a definite solution to every friend.

2.The couple is ignored by the community

Not only the family of the couple but also these couples are made to cut off ties with even the society and the community majorly. These yoga’s can be in your charts and these yoga’s can anything be done about it and love affairs in astrology can be helpful for you.

3.Lifestyle differences become too wide to cope with

Partners may have a different lifestyle and culture as they must be belonging to a different caste. It is not a big deal that if anyone in the couple is conservative and the other one is open-minded. Their eating habits can also differ; may one like to eat vegetables, and the other one is a meat lover. It is also possible that a festival is important for one, whether it may not have any value for others. All these may be a reason for break up or may lose your love compatibility, so to strengthen astrology can resolve this entire crisis.

4.Continuous interference of the family members in married life

Even when both of your families approve of inter-caste marriages, one can notice a continuous interference of the family member in love marriage. They may try to force family’s and caste norms on the married couples at times. Under such pressure, the couple may face some love problems and find themselves in the caste problem. Let astrology resolve this problem for you.

5.Superiority complex may damage the relationship

In an inter-caste marriage, love life may be happening, but love problems may take wrong turns. A partner might have a thought related to his/ her caste may be superior to that of the other one. This will create a love problem and behavioural issues. And these are some of those problems which one easily sort with the help of astrology.

6.Financial issues are faced by the couple

When an inter-caste marriage happens, the couple is left to manage their own financial health. It is generally seen that they receive no support received by families, and even friends may not be there to support. They would also miss the considerable part generally received during a regular marriage.

7. Listen to taunts regularly

After the marriage, a couple must listen to regular taunts. Despite of accepting the marriage, relatives and friends may insult or humiliate the couples. Love problems arise when the wife is always criticized by in-laws related to her dressing sense or looks. She expects that her spouse to stand up for her and may have the energy or the courage.

8. Difference in progeny matters

A couple might have disagreements when it comes to raising their children. Love problems arise when the couple starts to disagree with each other at the stage of raising a child. For instance, there will be differences in opinion regarding which religion or caste the children must follow. The disadvantages of love marriage however can be dealt with effectively. All the above points can be dealt with a session of post-marriage counselling, and once it is done which assure you that the love marriage what you have dreamt off shall start living to expectations.

Benefits of love marriage

The most prudent benefit of love marriage is understanding life partner’s nature, behaviour and overall attitude regarding life. When you marry someone absolutely a new, you take time to learn about the opposite spouse’s basic traits and characteristics.
See how will be your love life with your partner, and you can also read how astrology helps you on post-marriage counselling.
“Will My Love marriage be successful” Answer to this frequently asked question is your seventh house, the ascendent house and fifth house should be together in an auspicious position. Along with it, The auspiciousness of Navamsa Kundali also strengthens the chance of a successful love marriage. In this way you will get the benefit of a happy married life. Let us know in detail, what is the condition of your seventh house in your kundali. Many People wonders about.
For the success in love, some very auspicious yogas are hidden there in your horoscope. In your Horoscope if the fifth house and its lord are in an auspicious position and have no malefic effect, only then you will get success in Love. So let’s find out, On the basis of your horoscope, how you can get success in love. “Will My Love Be Successful” is a frequently asked question by new lovers.
You can get married to your lover and have a happy life, when an auspicious combination of Fifth house and his lord, ascendant and his lord, seventh house and his lord will form in your horoscope. Let us know about all those yogas which can help you to marry your lover. “When will I get married to my Lover” is a very commonly asked question by people who are in love.
People frequently ask, “Will I Have a Love Marriage or Arrange?” The seventh house and fifth house of the horoscope play an important role in understanding whether there will be a love marriage or an arranged one. If there is an auspicious sign of fifth and seventh in your horoscope then you can get the benefit of love marriage. And if the combination of fifth, seventh, lagna is not happening, then in such a situation, the yoga of arranged marriage is more auspicious for you.