Astrological reasons for Disputes in Property/Real Estate

Before we talk about the astrological solutions for property disputes in horoscope, let us try to discern the reasons behind these conflicts. Every person wishes to own a property at a particular stage in their life, whether for their personal use or real estate business. In any case, the monetary investment is high. And on top of that, the seemingly simple intent of buying property or getting involved in real estate business can turn into a nightmare – a sinking quagmire of bureaucracy, loopholes, and vague regulations. The whole thing seems to run circles around you, and then you find yourself staring at the long arms of the judiciary. According to research, more than approximately 50% of the cases pending with the Indian courts are related to real estate and property disputes.
Our birth chart can help us discover the various astrological reasons for disputes in property/real estate. One of the primary reasons behind most land disputes remains the greed and cheating behaviour of the human mind. But again, how can our kundali explain that? An expert astrologer can easily identify the yogas in one’s natal chart through their fourth house, which signifies property. When the same is afflicted, you are likely to find yourself making rounds of the court to get certain property disputes settled. Various factors are associated with it, and each play a significant role in our life, including the fourth house itself, as well as the planets positioned in it, the Chaturthmesh, its placement, and the planets aspecting it.

In addition to this, there are a few more elements, especially some planets that are also essential in determining the astrological reasons for disputes in property/real estate. As discussed earlier, a person’s greed and habit of cheating are one of the significant reasons behind numerous property dispute cases in India. On the one hand, one’s kundali can identify these characteristic traits easily. On the flip side, it can also define (in the absence of the former) afflicted planets in a birth chart that can give rise to such conflicts. We will discuss all these in detail in the next section of the article.

Just as there is a cause for the problem, there is an answer for it too. The astrological solutions for property disputes in horoscope primarily focus on caution more than remedies. One can often avoid land disputes arising due to fraudulent transactions by being cautious. The vigilance comes from being well-informed about one’s horoscope, the timings of the conflict, and the pitfalls associated with it. Let us now analyse the planets and houses responsible for causing such clashes, in detail. Below, we will learn about the various types of strifes and the astrological reasons for disputes in property/real estate.

Houses/Planets responsible for Property or Land Disputes

As we know there are various causes behind the conflicts, let us discover about the houses/planets responsible for property disputes. Below, we will figure out the five most-occurring property disputes and their indications that can be found in one’s kundali. According to Dr Vinay Bajrangi, the presence of Saturn and Mars in the second or fourth house in the Kundli gives rise to the majority of them. As a result, these clashes become a significant part of our life, and we spend not only our accumulated wealth, but also our precious years in resolving them. Therefore, it is advised that you always consult a good astrologer before stepping foot into this world. An expert Jyotishi will be able to guide you through the process of buying an estate during an auspicious time, according to your ongoing Graha Dasha (Planet Positions in our Kundli), as well as warn you about indications of property disputes in the birth chart.

The malefic afflictions of Mars in the kundali is not a one-time accident, but a perpetual process. Its impact can often be so horrible that it can turn the Akhand Samrajya yoga, a very prosperous property yoga, into a Poverty Yoga. The planetary placements define how an individual treats their land – where some will cherish it; others will treat it as a matter of loss and disputes. Despite that, most of us dream of owning a suitable property whose value rises rapidly with time. As mentioned earlier, we can identify property litigation in birth charts through a detailed Kundali analysis. Moreover, it can assist the native in making the right decisions at the appropriate time.

Property yogas in the Kundali

Combinations in the kundali like the Asankhya Bhoomi Yoga (Many properties yoga), Bhoomi Sahayak Yoga (Revenue Through property yoga), Swa-Grah Yoga (Self-house Yoga), and Sukh Mangal Yoga (Blessed Mangal Yoga) are some auspicious and positive Property Yogas. These can support a native, helping them in owning an estate when present in both the Ascendant/Lagna (D-1) chart and the Shastiamsa (D-60) chart. On the flip side, the presence of negative Property Yogas in the kundali can harm the positive ones. As a result, even if you do own an estate, it will be embroiled in conflicts, thereby creating reasons of property disputes.

Each of these property disputes differs in a significant manner for every individual. In each scenario, the placement of the planets through the houses in the birth chart will vary, and those are the ones we will try to explain below. The astrological reasons for disputes in property/real estate are many, and so are the types of conflicts. The ones we are discussing below are some of the most common and significant examples. Let us take a look:

Reasons of Property Disputes: Proportion of share in the Property

Often, when more than one person gets a share in a property, and words like “mutually” or “combinedly” are used, among others, it can create confusions. As a result, property disputes arise, and no one is clear on their proportion of the share in the estate. Such cases are seen more often when the new owners of the land are not well-educated, or the ill-will and crafted intentions of a third person. However, a learned astrologer can easily warn you about indications of property disputes in birth chart, helping you prepare yourself.

Reasons of Property Disputes: Title of the Property

Frauds relating to the title of the property/real estate are quite common in our country, in the absence of digitised land records. These are even more common when you buy a standalone property. To avoid such property disputes later, ensure that you have a valid title to the property you own. Verifying all the documents related to real estate in the beginning and consulting a good astrologer can help you avoid most of these title frauds. An expert Jyotishi can warn you about indications of property disputes in the birth chart.

When the fourth house is afflicted in the kundali, as well as the D-4 chart, it creates yogas of property disputes, due to title fraud. In addition to this, when malefic planets transit into the fourth house, in the D-4 chart, that also signifies property disputes over the title of the estate. Therefore, it will be a better decision to get in touch with an expert Jyotishi beforehand and identify property disputes in the birth chart due to title fraud, and then take precautions to avoid them.

Reasons of Property Disputes: Misuse of Rented/Leased Property

Clashes over rented/leased property are also quite frequent among various common property disputes. These can occur between the owner and tenant or between the tenant and the local welfare association. Such issues can easily be avoided by ensuring that the rental/lease agreement has clearly-written rules and expectations concerning the upkeep and maintenance of the leased/rented-out property. An astrologer can easily identify property disputes in the birth chart. The D-4 chart, if read in tandem with the D-1 chart, can foretell the use and misuse of the rented/leased estate.

Reasons of Property Disputes: Non-provision of occupancy certificate

Another common type of property disputes is the non-provision of occupancy certificates. Often, there are cases where a project is completed, yet the buyers are unable to move into their new home. This is because the builder is unable to get an Occupancy Certificate from the authorities. Typically, such issues arise when the developers flout certain societal and judicial norms, thereby giving rise to property disputes.

One can avoid such conflicts by doing regular inspections of the property they have bought. If you find irregularities/departures from the approved plans, it is good to raise a red flag immediately. Also, it is better to choose a reputed builder or go for the pre-approved projects. In addition to this, you can find indications of property disputes in birth chart and determine it being due to non-provision of the occupancy certificate by consulting an expert astrologer. In most of these cases, the natives have a Property Yoga in their kundali, but it fructifies only at a particular time. An expert Jyotishi will be able to determine this timing and help you find ways to deal with any probable conflicts as they identify property disputes in the birth chart.

Reasons of Property Disputes: Between Builders/Developers and Buyers

Another common type of property disputes that occur usually happens between the buyer and the builder or developer. Essentially, a property transaction is a contract between the two parties; however, there have been numerous instances where the builders do not meet their part of the agreement. Instead, they leave their buyers in the lurch. At the outset, if you wish to avoid such property disputes, the best way is to buy real estate only from reputed builders. In case you are unsure about the developer, you can approach an expert astrologer for their help. Any association between the fourth, sixth, and twelfth houses in one’s kundali indicates issues between the builders/developers and the buyer. An expert astrologer can help you determine such indications of property disputes in the birth chart.