Angel card reading


What is Angel Card Reading – The Angels are Whispering to You

Angel card reading is quite similar to tarot card reading. They can be a powerful tool for those seeking guidance in their life. Angel cards provide answers to people’s questions. An individual can buy and use his or her own cards. However, that would take too much time and effort. An easier way is to approach an expert who professionally reads angel cards.

How to perform Angel card reading?

Readers may choose to simply draw an angel card without asking a question to see what insight the angels have at the moment. Asking questions is the perfect way to focus readings with the angels. Readings may focus on a specific question or more open-ended towards general aspects. Before the shuffling of the angel card deck, the reader focuses on the question and trusts that the angels will guide to draw the appropriate card. Now, the reader should check for apparent impressions of the card with respect to the question. Additionally, more cards are chosen according to the requirement.

Some readers believe that 3 cards can offer a past, present, future explanation, while other card readers may prefer 12 or more cards pulled out of the deck. The reader should check the meaning of each card.

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How does Angel card reading help?

Angel cards can give insight into:

  1. Relationship
  2. Career
  3. Finance
  4. Work
  5. Family

An Angel card reading gives you a direct connection with the Angels. When the reader begins reading, they call upon the angels to bring guidance and insight. It can bring you clarification when you are going through a difficult time and you will receive clear messages of reassuring support, giving you peace of mind. Angel’s guidance is purposeful.

People generally find great comfort in Angel readings, helping them to see a clearer picture, to learn how to help themselves and to know that they have the support and unconditional love from the Angels.

Difference between angel cards and tarot cards

There are many similarities as well as differences between tarot readings and angel card readings. Both types of readings help us to explore answers within ourselves, however, tarot cards are much more organized than angel cards. On the other hand, an angel card reading is often considered free-form, with either phrase with accompanying images or stand-alone phrases. An angel card reading can even be a reading that involves only images.

Also, in a tarot deck, there are 78 cards, however, the number of cards in an angel deck can vary from 44 cards to 55 or more, since each card deck is unique.

How Accurate Is Angel Card Reading?

During an Angel card reading, you can’t draw the wrong card. By the guidance of the angels, the law of attraction, and synchronicity, you will draw the right cards at the right time.

The discrete nature of the cards and the guidance of your angels will lead you to draw the angel cards whose vibration matches your energy and the energy of your question.

Requesting the cards to reveal information about a specific question is a powerful method used in readings. Those seeking a reading should not expect to receive a simple yes or no answer. Ideally, the cards should guide the recipient towards making a decision. Questions should be precise and focus on your own actions and not on others’. Keep an open mind to reap the full benefits of your angel card readings.

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