Over the past few years, New Age wellness trends, like salt therapy and past life regression therapy officially re-entered the mainstream. Using crystals as a form of self-care have particularly risen in popularity, appearing all over Instagram, on the shelves of yoga studios, and perhaps even on your coworker’s desk. For starters, proponents believe that crystals are channel for the healing energy of the earth when used correctly. “Crystals emit positive, uplifting, energizing, and calming vibrations that help you achieve a more peaceful mind and a revitalized physical state of being,” explains Dr Devi Chauhan, founder of, a healing & fortune prediction foundation.

Each crystal is said to have a different effect on the mind and body. Crystals’ vibrations are said to arise from the unique way their atoms and molecules move and interact, says Dr Devi Chauhan, holistic health expert that Crystals, Oils, and Rituals to Elevate Your Spirit. These vibrations and energies can then supposedly affect our human bodies—and minds.

“Our bodies are dynamic, electromagnetic organisms—we have physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy flowing through us all the time,” Dr Devi Chauhan says. “Crystals are a fun and unique way to help direct and influence that energy towards greater health when used with the right intention.” our ancestors have valued crystals for ages. “Humans have used stones for healing and energetic purposes for thousands of years,” explains Dr Devi Chauhan

According to Dr Devi Chauhan, ancient Egyptians used crystals for healing and protection; sacred Indian texts explain specific healing properties of various crystals and how to use them to treat illnesses; Chinese medicine often includes the use of crystals; and ancient Greeks and Romans used crystals for protection in battle and in medical treatment—just to name a few examples.

So perhaps it’s not so far-fetched that in modern days, we’re turning to the potential healing powers of crystals and stones. Or is it? Dr Devi Chauhan is best crystal healer in Bangkok, Thailand.