It is a popular belief that human beings have multiple lives and when we die, we are reborn into a different existence. It is this belief that has given rise to Past Life Regression, a form of hypnosis that delves deep into a person’s previous lifetimes to recover memories, lessons and teachings from them. To know more about this, we got in touch with Dr Devi Chauhan, a Bangkok, Thailand based Certified Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Reiki Grand Master and Holyfire reiki.

She has conducted multiple Past Life Regression and Healing sessions and strongly believes in the power and value they hold. Here is all she had to say about it:

What Is Past Life Regression?

Dr Devi Chauhan says that Past Life Regression is based on two theories. First is the Theory of Reincarnation, which states that living beings are reborn until they attain a state of Nirvana (absolute enlightenment). Each of their lives has unique learnings, teachings and experiences that are carried forward in some ways to their future lives. Second is the Law of Karma which believes that you reap what you sow. Our Karma gets stored and shapes something called a Karmic Body, which transcends lifetimes. She says.

How Does It Work?

A person can treat their past lives in two ways; they can either view it and remove energy blockages or learn from it and use it to heal their current life, which is extremely powerful. The main tool used in this process is hypnosis. A person can access their past life in various ways. They can simply watch it in a detached way (much like watching a movie), tag along and experience their past life second-hand, which is more intense or have a complete in-body experience and actually relive their past life, which warrants maximum emotional release.