Do you remember how you used to recite the words “Khul Ja sim sim” throughout your childhood hoping that you would be able to open a gateway to precious treasure just like Sindbad The Sailor in “Thousand and one nights”? Well all of it was not a lie and the power of manifestation does work. We are not sure about the treasure but it can provide you with good health and help to solve your beauty woes. A concept invented by James T Mangan, switch words are mantra-like affirmations that surpass a person’s conscious thinking and directly reach the subconscious mind. These affirmative words help in manifesting our desires of good health, well-being and beauty woes. Switch words are not literal but counterintuitive words that are wisely chosen as they are powerful enough to switch on a person’s subconscious. These words can either be chanted in sets or written down onto a piece of paper in a calm space to resonate with your energy.

What are switch words?

Switch words can be described as words that can quickly switch your energy from one dimension to the other. The words possess a power to change your energy. Uniquely chosen powerful and counterintuitive words, these can directly reach a person’s subconscious and hold the power to switch it. They tend to flip your behavior and belief to provide a deep connection with your thoughts and goals. These words can be a single word affirmation that simply alters your energy to another dimension. It is important to know that all words have the power to become switch words. These words can change a person’s mental frequency.

How do they work?

Powerful words that tend to directly speak to your subconscious mind and activate your ability to manifest self healing and wellness. As it is rightly said that energy flows where the focus goes and hence one needs to choose a focus point in terms of these switch words. Focusing upon your vision helps to create momentum and energy. By choosing a channel of attention. One can kick negative feelings of frustration and concentrate upon the goals. In her book ‘How to use switch words to get what you want’ Liz Dean explains that – “Saying, intending or chanting these words of power changes our body’s vibration so that we resonate at the same frequency as the goal we desire. When we say, intend, chant or sing Switch words we create sympathetic resonance and attract what we want. According to the Law of Attraction, like attracts like.”

How to use them?

We have understood, switching words works by changing the dimension of your energy from negative to positive and tends to wake your subconscious to execute an action. As a person has three mental states namely, negative, positive and neutral, there are in total about 6 ways to use switch words for energy transformation. Here is how one can use these affirmative words for energy transformation-

  • Negative to neutral
  • Negative to positive
  • Positive to neutral
  • Neutral to positive
  • Positive to negative
  • Neutral to negative

One must choose their words and point of attention wisely in order to control the energy flow. Our subconscious mind holds a lot of power to direct our actions and hence can be really helpful in attaining a good, healthy and happy life. Switch words are nothing but a form of manifestation that helps to calm your mind and improve focus. Dr Devi Chauhan is Switch words expert in Bangkok, Thailand